Meet Alex, one of our Cooper Project startups

Meet Alex, one of our Cooper Project startups

We sat down with Alex, one of our Cooper Project start-ups, to find out how he is getting on here at STP and all about his business, “Scene3D”. 

What is ‘Scene3D’?
Scene3D uses 3D scanning technology to create 3D tours of venues, businesses, real-estate and so on! The technology creates what is called a “point cloud model” of a property, which can then be “virtually toured” on a smartphone, tablet or computer. This model is an accurate scale representation to within 1% so can also be used as a surveying tool.

What is your unique selling point?
Scene3D provides users with a “dolls-house view”. This is where users can view the structure from a bird’s eye view and spin around the space, making it a much more comprehensive and interactive experience for the user in comparison to a video tour. 

What are some of the exciting projects you are working on at the moment?
We’ve recently created an online treasure hunt which aims to engage consumers as part of a Facebook campaign for the department store, Atkinsons. Users will look for items within the online 3D version of the store. 
We’ve also been approached about potentially doing work for a cruise ship – which would be brilliant!

What are your plans going forward?
The three to five-year goal is to grow our business into a platform, to connect companies who may be looking for this type of content with people like myself! However, to start with, we want to get things consistent. We are starting to get work coming to us rather than us looking for it which is great! We aim to keep the stream of work coming in consistent and then expand the team to keep up with the work load. 

What do you enjoy about being based here?
I really enjoy the co-working space, I am always productive when I do work here and it’s a great bonus that through the Cooper Project, I’m able to use this space for six months free of charge!
Tom and the team have been great, helping to point me in the right direction and introduce me to their different connections. I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a few different mentors, one of whom gave me some telesales training, helping me to re-structure my pitch and consider how to approach marketing over the phone.
It’s also great being able to network with other start-up businesses who are going through a similar time to yourself.

What made you start this business?
Through my previous job, as ‘Head of Digital Media’ for a Dubai-based company, I was introduced to this 3D scanning technology which is incredibly popular over there and in the US. As my time in Dubai was coming to an end, I started to think about what I could do based on the skill set I have, but found that Sheffield, my home town, didn’t have that much to offer. Keen to live back home, I decided to set up my own 3D scanning company and saw it as an opportunity.

What’s the achievement you’re most proud of?
I would have to say the achievement I’m most proud of isn’t even one of the biggest or more expensive projects. It was gaining a commercial office space job through a cold call. This was the first Scene3D job gained through a cold call…so that was a bit of an achievement!

What would you say to someone starting out in the tech sector at the moment?
Do your due diligence, do your research and do a business plan! Doing a business plan makes you ask a lot of hard questions about your business before you start. Also, make sure you look at other businesses within the tech sector, discover who your competitors are and try to understand whether your offer is different or better and if there is a market for it.

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