Sometimes opportunity lands on your doorstep but more often than not it’s a case of having to find opportunity and forge your own success when you’re in business. Our scale-up programme is for established businesses wanting to grow – fast or slow, that’s up to you – but also for businesses that want to thrive. That means being resilient and robust in the face of change, both predictable and unpredictable. 

We understand that it’s very hard to look above the parapet when you are in the thick of it so our programme is designed to be time-efficient and fit round you. We will work with you to audit your business, help you to set achievable goals, and connect you to relevant experts to mentor and support you as you set about achieving those goals.

We design a programme of support tailored to the specific needs of each company, and will be led by you when setting realistic milestones for your growth. In order for us to add the most value our approach is: 

Initial diagnostic session with industry experts and a scale-up specialist
This half-day session is an opportunity to reflect on how the business is going, look at current growth plans, and start to develop a roadmap for growth.

Up to six months ongoing support from our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence
Depending on where you need support, you will be introduced to the relevant entrepreneur(s)-in-residence who will be on hand to offer strategic advice on a one-on-one basis. We can offer up to 12 hours over 6 months.

Setting milestones and ongoing monitoring 
We expect companies to set scale milestones and monitor their own progress towards reaching these. Sheffield Technology Parks will provide any advice, support, or introductions need to help you meet these milestones. Regular check-ins with our friendly team will ensure motivation is maintained and any immediate challenges are faced together



Benefits to you

  • The chance to pause and reflect on your business
  • Help to develop a fresh strategy
  • Strategic support from someone who understands your situation
  • Connections and opportunities

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