Secured an investment between £100-250k? Well done! It's a significant milestone and the start of an exciting chapter. At Sheffield Technology Parks, we have a thriving community of similar businesses working on the growth plans.

Understanding Your Journey

Whether you’ve bootstrapped to this stage, been through our Cooper Project incubator, or another accelerator programme, your next steps are crucial. Our focus is to make those steps confident and informed, and to ensure you as a founder get the support and guidance you need.

In order for us to add the most value our approach is: 

Initial diagnostic session with industry experts and a scale-up specialist
This session is an opportunity to reflect on how the business is going, look at current growth plans, and start to develop a roadmap for growth.

Ongoing support from our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence
Depending on where you need support, you will be introduced to the relevant entrepreneur(s)-in-residence who will be on hand to offer strategic advice on a one-on-one basis. 

Setting milestones and ongoing monitoring 
We expect companies to set scale milestones and monitor their own progress towards reaching these. Sheffield Technology Parks will provide any advice, support, or introductions need to help you meet these milestones. Regular check-ins with our friendly team will ensure motivation is maintained and any immediate challenges are faced together

Benefits to you

  • The chance to pause and reflect on your business
  • Help to develop a fresh strategy
  • Strategic support from someone who understands your situation
  • Connections and opportunities
  • Basing you and your team within an active and exciting startup environment

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What’s the process?

If you'd like to register your interest, send us an email using the box to the left. We'll arrange a meeting to explore how working together could add value to you and your business