Applatch launches new kids app designed to tackle smartphone addiction and encourage learning.

Applatch launches new kids app designed to tackle smartphone addiction and encourage learning.

It’s ‘all systems go’ at Applatch HQ, today marks the official launch of the startup’s second product, Applatch Kids, plus they’ve just graduated from the Cooper Project. What else? Applatch has also been revealed as a Yorkshire Tech Climbers ‘One to Watch’ on its prestigious 2024 list. Read on to find out more about Applatch Kids and how founders, Ali and Sam, met on the Cooper Project.

Applatch Kids is the newest app from exciting tech startup, Applatch, designed to curb excessive gaming and social media use in children whilst encouraging learning.

Applatch Kids, which launches today, Wednesday 26 June 2024, requires children to solve educational quizzes before it will unlock apps, such as YouTube and TikTok, on the user’s phone or tablet.

Parents set up Applatch kids on their own phones, creating profiles for their children before pairing it with their child’s device. Once set up on a child’s phone, all apps are locked (although parents can select which will remain accessible). When a child taps on a locked app, they are prompted to take a quiz in Maths, English, or Science. Successfully completing the quiz gives access for one hour, after which, the apps lock again.

Applatch’s first product was an app that helps adults curb the dangers of smartphone addiction by allowing them to lock addictive apps on their phones for a period of time to be more productive and maintain sound mental health.

Company Founders, Olabamiji Samson Opaleye (Sam) CEO and Aliyu Odumosu (Ali) CTO, met whilst on the Cooper Project. Sam, who had the initial idea for Applatch did not have the technical expertise to make it a reality, whereas Ali who joined Cooper to pursue a separate venture, has a strong technical background. Together, their skills have harmonised to create a strong partnership.

Applatch graduated from the Cooper Project along with fellow tech founders, A Fleet for Change. Emma Marshall, Business Incubation Manager, has worked closely with Sam and Ali in their development of Applatch Kids. She says,

“Applatch now has two great products in its portfolio, both based on sound research and market understanding. Ali and Sam are extremely driven and their inclusion on Yorkshire Tech Climbers list of ‘Ones to Watch’ really signals their potential - I’m looking forward to seeing the business grow.”

She adds,

“The Cooper Project is a highly social, supportive space for entrepreneurs and a great place to seek collaboration, and maybe even meet your co-founder. Ali and Sam are a perfect example of this, they’ve combined their skills to create a solid startup.”

Find out more about Applatch and Applatch Kids on the website and you can download Applatch Kids now from the AppStore and from Google Playstore.

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