Welcome to the Cooper Project: meet our new innovators!

Welcome to the Cooper Project: meet our new innovators!

Photographed (l-r): Theo Hunt, Founder of Luft Design and Berk Ozel, Founder of Berkuk Technology.

We're thrilled to introduce the newest members of the Cooper Project, bringing fresh faces, new energy, and groundbreaking ideas to our community. It’s a real hive of activity, with milestones being met, collaborations forming and a growing exchange of ideas, advice and skills. Here's a closer look at three entrepreneurs who have joined us: Theo Hunt, Berk Ozel, and Laurie Nicholls.

Berk Ozel: Charging ahead in the EV market

Originally from Turkey, Berk Ozel has relocated to the UK with a focus on the growing electric vehicle (EV) market. As the founder of Berkuk Technology, Berk is developing an app that promises to simplify the lives of EV drivers. His app uses live data to recommend the best charging points, based on availability and waiting times, not just proximity.

As co-founder of a separate company in Turkey, Berk has a solid tech background and entrepreneurial experience. He is a valuable addition to the Cooper Project, with his expertise already proving to be an asset to his fellow founders. He shares, "It's exciting to be a part of the Cooper Project, and I'm looking forward to contributing to the community." 

Theo Hunt: Delivering impact with Luft Product Design

Theo Hunt, founder of Luft Design, brings his product design, 3D printing, and reverse engineering skills to the Cooper Project. Theo already has an impressive portfolio, featuring clients like Team GB in underwater hockey (Octopush), for whom he is designing a more durable and cost-effective puck.

Theo is using his time on the Cooper Project to refine his business strategy and marketing efforts, and he is lending his design skills and expertise to help other founders with their business ventures.

Laurie Nicholls: Streamlining social sports with ‘PitchIn’

Laurie Nicholls joins the Cooper Project with a mission to ease the hassles of organising social sports matches. His app, ‘PitchIn’, is inspired by personal experiences and designed to streamline player availability, payments, and other match-related details and logistics, all in one place.

Reflecting on his time on the Project so far, he says: “The programme has exceeded my expectations. Not just the support of having coworking space, but the benefit of being around other entrepreneurs and the feeling that my input and feedback to others is as valuable as theirs is to me.”

Laurie has already been inspired to reflect on his decisions and adjust his thinking, commenting: “Early stage business is full of asking yourself tough questions, sometimes because you're afraid of the answers.

“The Cooper Project's biggest benefit for me has been giving me an environment that coaxes me into having the courage to ask those questions about my business and product while giving me the strength to grow from the answers and move towards realising the future I'm trying to create.”

Watch this space for more updates as Theo, Berk, and Laurie progress on the Cooper Project, and as we share more exciting developments from our vibrant community of founders.

Did you know…

Sheffield Technology Parks is a not-for-profit organisation, which means the rents paid by our residents go straight back into the business, primarily into initiatives like the Cooper Project. So, established companies and scaleups in our community - including former Cooper members - are supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs and tech businesses, who one day may be ready to scale and take office space of their own with us - completing the cycle.

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