Award-winning Sheffield startup secures backing from leading green-tech accelerator

Award-winning Sheffield startup secures backing from leading green-tech accelerator

Eutechtics arrived at Sheffield Technology Parks through LOCATE and has recently joined the Cooper Project to receive specialist startup support and guidance. The founding duo have had a busy couple of months and have just made an exciting announcement, read all about it in our press release.

An award-winning Sheffield startup with a mission to decarbonise the chemical sector has gained the backing of a leading venture accelerator focussed on businesses with the greatest potential to tackle climate change.

Eutechtics is an eco-chemistry startup based at Sheffield Technology Parks. The company is developing groundbreaking, sustainable processes to cut harmful emissions in the production of chemicals such as carboxylic acids, which are used globally.

In the summer, Eutechtics was crowned National Champion of Climate Launchpad UK 2023 - a pitch competition for green business ideas, making it through to the European Semi-finals.

The startup has now been accepted onto Carbon13’s Venture Launchpad, which has a sharp focus on startups with the ambition and potential to reduce emissions by millions of tonnes a year.

Within this programme, Eutechtics could secure pre-seed investment from Carbon13 of £120,000.

Founded by Armando Leal and Dr. Mauricio Murillo in 2022, Eutechtics relocated from York to Sheffield, drawn by the impressive innovation landscape, including two world-class universities and Sheffield Technology Parks, home to a rich tapestry of pioneering startups and established tech companies.

Co-founder and CEO, Armando, says,

“While developing the first stages of our tech we discovered that Sheffield has the infrastructure to enable us to scale up our solution. So, we relocated here with support from Sheffield Technology Park’s LOCATE programme, which has been really useful in helping us to connect with the start-up ecosystem and important stakeholders that could play a vital role in the development of our tech.”

Armando’s priorities are now focussed on seeking investment, something he feels more confident about since securing the backing of Carbon13. He explains,

“We are really happy to be accepted onto Carbon13’s Venture Launchpad. Firstly because of the commitment and enthusiasm the team has for tackling the climate emergency. And for the specific expertise they have in supporting and accelerating eco-startups, I feel that we’re in the best hands to develop our investment strategy and to achieve our first round of funding.”

Eutechtics will receive support remotely from Cambridge-based Carbon13, whilst also benefiting from being a part of Sheffield Technology Park’s business incubation programme, The Cooper Project. This brings together a thriving community of entrepreneurs who work alongside one another at the tech hub, with dedicated business startup support.

Sheffield Technology Park’s Business Incubation Manager, Emma Marshall, explains,

“We are delighted to see Armando and team gain access to the very specialist and dedicated help of Carbon13, where they’ll be rubbing shoulders with some of Europe’s most exciting and promising ‘clean tech’ startups. And they are deserving of their place; Eutechtics is a deeply impressive startup with solutions that have real potential to decarbonise a massive global industry.

“On our incubation programme, Eutechtics will receive day to day startup support from our team, plus the bunch of amazing entrepreneurs around them - the peer support is priceless. We’re really excited to see Eutechtics progress over the next few months.”

You can find out more about Eutechtics on the website:

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